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Biblical Based Teaching

Biblical based teaching enables you to grow more mature and experienced in God's truth as you grow in your knowledge and wisdom of God's word. Harvest School of Ministry is focused on aiding you on this journey and building your confidence in biblical understanding. As you pursue Christ with more confidence you will learn how to operate in your gifting and talents. This biblical based focus allows you to mature into your desired area of ministry ready to make a critical impact, feeling well equipped, and with a new and greater perception of the things of God.


When people come together with one heart and one purpose a strong community is built. At Harvest School of Ministry you will find a Christ-centered culture and commitment partners who will aide you in staying focused, driven, and purpose filled in your faith and school work. In a community of diversity we are able to expand our worldview and learn with like-minded christians.

In Class Instruction

There are many advantages to attending Harvest School of Ministry, however one of the most prominent is the in-class instruction. Our instructors are ready and eager to teach you everything they know. You will have the ability to raise questions in the moment and seek clarification instantaneously. Classroom discussions are passionate, fiery and interactive. In-class instruction ensures a successful learning experience catered to your learning style and needs.
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